The Monaco Ventures platform stands for special people with a visionary mind who understand, commit and support innovation and unconventional lifestyle.

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We focus on extraordinary ideas and projects in the areas of art, science, technology, lifestyle and charity.

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This platform aims to bring people together who want to share a fascinating vision and bring innovative projects into reality.

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For those who do

The idea is to connect people with a vision with people who have a passion for it and are willing to support projects to become reality. Anybody who feels enthusiastic about a project can support it with a freely choosable amount of money and spread the information with friends. Projects will only be realised when 100% funded. When the needed amount of money comes together until the active time of the project it will be realised otherwise the money goes back to the supporters.

So if you really love a project and want to make it true, make sure the project is completely funded and help to market the idea. You can take part in the decision if the world is ready for a stunning new idea or project.

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