Monaco-Ventures focuses on connecting people with a vision to people who have a passion for doing something extraordinary and are willing to support a project to become reality.

People with a splendid idea can present their project on this platform to find others to support it. For the monetary support the supporter receives a reward which is depending on the choosen reward package. The reward will be described more detailed at the project sides. Anybody who feels enthusiastic about an idea or a project can support it with a freely choosable amount of commitment and/or money.

Projects will only be realised when 100% funded. When the needed amount of support comes together the project will be realised otherwise the money goes back to the supporters.

So if you really love a project and want to come true, make sure the project is completely funded and help to market the idea.


Because we love creative people and high quality luxury products we decided to start this platform without any handling costs.

Later we plan to offer services like marketing and design services. Maybe some companies also would like to sponsor some categories or market their unique products.

For the project creator:

  • How do I start a project?
    Very easy, just press the button "start a new project" and follow the instructions. You will be asked to give some details of your project as well as yourself. Later you have the opportunity to upload a video and pictures of your project.
  • Which kind of projects can be funded?
    All kind of projects that show some wit, innovation and blend of luxury. Excluded are self-promoting projects.
  • For how long is my project active?
    That is up to you. You should chose a realistic and ambitious time.
  • What does it cost to run a project at Monaco Ventures?
    Because we love creative people and high quality luxury products we decided to start this platform without any handling costs.
  • What happens if a project is not 100% funded?
    When the pledged amount of money is not reached while the project is running the money goes back to the supporters. Maybe you can start a new one.
  • Why does a project need 100% funding?
    The pledged amount of money you set should be the minimum for product realisation. Therefore it makes no sense for you and the supporters to attempt realising the project with less than that.
    Tip: Carefully plan the pledged amount for your project.
  • Do I have any obligations as a project creator?
    Yes, when your project reaches at least 100% funding you have to realise your project and keep the supporters informed about the ongoing process of realisation. Also you have to make sure that the supporter receives the reward package he was pledged for and is happy that he supported you :-).
  • Can a project be overfunded?
    Yes, if you have an awesome idea or very nice supporter packages and you haven’t limited your reward packages.
  • What happens with the overfunding?
    The overfunding contributes to you for realising your project. You also have to make sure to deliver the offered reward packages.
  • What is a reward?
    A reward is a thing or a gesture you offer to a supporter. The reward package can be a one-of-a-kind, a limited edition, a special honoring of the supporter or an unique adventure experience out of your project. You should make the reward something special, as a big thank you for the first people who support your project.
  • What reward is appropriate for my project?
    Anything in relation to your project. If you produce a product it can be a limited edition. If you make an event it can be a ticket. If you open a shop it can be an invitation for the opening party.
    • Ask yourself if you would be thrilled with the rewards on offer.
    • Brainstorm with your friends
  • Which kind of rewards are possible?
    Rewards are an exchange for the contribution of the supporter. Depending on the project rewards can be offered for a small amount of money. It could be a fan article in connection with the project and staggered upwards as parts of the product or a prototype of the product.

    Limited editions, one-of-kinds or a special honoring of the supporter (i. e. mentioning the supporters name on the product, website etc.) are also possible. In some cases the supporter could receive a special experience in connection of production (p. e. an invitation of the production place or a one-day-training by the product creator).

    Occasionally there are projects where only one big supporter might be needed.

    As you see it strongly depends on the type of project you aim to realise. Think whether you rather want some big supporters or build up a strong community which favorise your idea, spread the information of your project and enjoy being part of your proceeding process.

    For a wider range of supporters it is always good to offer some smaller reward packages with i. e. fan articles in connection to your product or may be a part of your product. Be creative and make your rewards sympathique!
  • What makes a project unique?
    This question you have to answer for yourself and your target group. Perhaps you need to get in your project realisation process a bit more into depth. It will help you to get the presentation for your project right.
    Tip: A first start could be a little research on the internet:
    • Does my idea already exist?
    • In which way could I modify it to make it unique?
  • Does my project need to change the world?
    It can. But we love all kind of creative projects which show a sense for innovation with a blend of luxury. When your project meet this, it is definitely at the right website!
  • What makes my project successful?
    First of all, a sophisticated presentation on Monaco Ventures. Take some time to describe your project and colour it with pictures or maybe a video. Create valuable reward packages so that people want to to own a piece of your project. Tell a story people like to share with their friends.
    • Give some nice little details about how you got the idea, the developing process and the potential results.
    • Then, give yourself a face. Show the world who is behind that splendid idea.
    • Secondly, think of some exquisite rewards for your supporters. Mind, that there is a direct relation between really stunning rewards or packages and the success of a project.
    • Not to forget, market your project constantly. Share it with you friends and post it at social communities, write emails, print flyers a. s. o. and spread the news wherever you are.
  • Which kind of projects are most successful?
    The projects which are constantly marketed by the project creator and thrilling rewards on offer. Also you can integrate your supporters to develop further ideas.
  • In which category fits my project?
    If you are not sure in which category your project fits in: lifestyle is always a good option.
  • Can I run more than one project in the same time?
    Technically yes, so we would not recommend it. Better concentrate your strength at one project at the same time. Later you can built up on that.
  • What else can I do?
    Communicate, communicate and again communicate about your project. Via email, social communities, in real life with flyers or your car, use a website, reactivate contacts, just spread the good news!

For the supporter:

  • What do I get for my support?
    This depends on your way of support. It starts with fun and ends maybe with working together. If you support a project with money, the project owner sends you a reward depending on the amount of money you give. More information about the rewards of the project you are interested in you will get at the sidebar of each project.
  • What is a reward package?
    A reward package is a return service for the monetary support of a project. Depending on the amount of money, the project creator defines certain rewards. That could be a unique adventure experience, a limited edition, a one-of-a-kind or a special honoring in relation to the project.
  • In which way can I support the projects I like?
    You can support the project with money by buying a package. A good idea is also to spread the idea of your project in your social networks. Show them what you like and find other supporters.
  • What happens to the money gathered for the project?
    At the defined ending time of the project , when a project is funded at least 100%, the funded money goes to the project creator for realising the project. When the pledged amount of money does not come together during the time the project is running, the money goes back to the supporters.
  • Is the project creator obliged to fulfil the project?
    Yes, when a project is 100% funded, the project owner has everything possible to do in order to realise the project and keep you informed about the ongoing realisation process. He also have to deliver the promised reward packages.
  • What means "verified" project?
    Verified projects run through a special verification process. Monaco Ventures talks to the people behind a project and ensures that all facts match. Please understand we can’t take liability for any project or their realisation.
  • What happens to my data when registered?
    Your data will only be used for internal identification and will not be transferred to a third party. Because we handle money we have to make sure that there are real people behind the usernames.
  • Is it safe to pay via PayPal?
    PayPal is one of the leading payment providers and delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world. Your financial information (like your bank account details and your credit card number) will be securely stored and encrypted on the paypal servers. We will not see, access or handle any personal financial information of you.
  • How can I keep informed?
    Very easy, just order the project newsletter or the global newsletter of Monaco Ventures.
  • Can I support more than one project in the same time?
    Yes, definitely. There is no limitation on the amount of projects you can support.
  • Can I buy more than one package of the same project?
    Yes, that is possible. Generally, projects can always be supported partly by buying a package (or more) as well as individually (supporting the project as a whole).