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Andy Vida Extraordinary Leathers

Launched: 10.12.2013 Principality of Monaco Art

Andy Vida Extraordinary Leathers is dedicated to the design and manufacture of “Deep Luxury articles” .

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The Project in Detail

Andy Vida Extraordinary Leathers is dedicated to the design and manufacture of “Deep Luxury articles” meaning high quality products are achieved via a healthy traceability and sustainable solutions. The house represents a new generation of designers who are driven by an ideological shift, where the abundance of a sustainable design encourages a more prosperous, fairer and safer world. 

Andy Vida collections exalt a unique mix of both wild & classic spirits, a synergy between the sophistication of the European “Savoir Faire” and the wild mysticism of Las Americas.

Andy Vida products include bags, wallets, belts, apparel and in general extraordinary leather articles made for confortable daily use. Our package includes a “bespoken” personalized service, which our enterprise desires to continue implementing via an innovative online system that would help our enterprise be more efficient, and expand our market while conserving our core values and exclusive service.

You are welcome to sail with Andy Vida through this adventure!

Risk and Challanges

1. Develop two complete collections per year. 
2. Implement “Bespoken” service online. 
3. Develop a profesional catalogue, video, P.R, marketing and fashion show in Monaco/Paris/London.
3. Expand online market and key sale points.
4. Open our own boutiques. 
5. Philanthropy in education and sustainable development

1. Direct Competition; Luxury Retail Business
2. Plagiarism of ideas, products
3. Exclusive market 

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