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Monaco Ventures

Launched: 01.01.2014 Germany Entrepreneur

Be a important part of Monaco Ventures and become one of the owners and first partners.

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The Project in Detail

Do you believe in the good sides of life?

Are you keen on activating innovation?

Is luxury an essential to your life?

Then be a part of our platform.

Monaco Ventures was founded to bring passionate people together who want to share a fascinating vision and bring innovative projects into reality.

We focus on extraordinary ideas and projects in the areas of art, science, technology, lifestyle and charity. 

On Monaco Ventures you can present and discover amazing ideas and find passionate supporters, so that dreams become reality.

The Monaco Ventures platform stands for extraordinary people and their passionate projects.

We decided that anybody who shares these values of luxurious lifestyle, innovation and creativty should be able to express that through a membership of our platform.

You can show the world what is important to you and communicate that you support projects with your heart.

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